About AnneBurton


My name is Anne and I am a British photographer. I love spending time in nature and just taking it all in. It somehow refreshes me and I need it. Photography makes the whole experience even better. It slows me down; makes me take the time to just stand and look. I see far more when I am holding my camera - and then of course, afterwards, I see even more as I revisit it through the 'eye' of my camera.

I love beauty, the unexpected, the mysterious and patterns of all kinds. I live in England but I travel as much as I can. Being a photographer turns every journey - even a simple walk - into a potential treasure hunt and makes everything more exciting.

My other obsession is music. I am a professional pianist & keyboard player. Making and hearing sounds is an unending source of delight for me. I am currently dabbling in making some music videos of my photos. Thank you very much for stopping by and looking at my photos. xx